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New government security levels

New government security levels

April 2014 sees a new classification of security levels introduced to replace the current seven Impact Levels.

A review of government security classification policy by the Cabinet Office, supported by CESG, has concluded that there should be three levels: ‘Official’, ‘Secret’ and ‘Top Secret’.

Tier 1 will maintain its position of being able to handle data classified as just under the highest level, but as Tier 1’s Jon Selby explained, top secret data very rarely leaves the location it is used in. “The risks associated with any data classified as Top Secret make it inconceivable that equipment or media on which it is held will not be physically destroyed to the highest level at the end of its life. As much as we put our emphasis on the re-use of assets in their original form after processing at our own premises, we’re delighted that Tier 1 can continue to handle assets just under the highest of the three new categories.”

A CESG document explains that the ‘secret’ category ‘sits just below top secret rather than above official’, and covers very sensitive information that justifies heightened protective measures to defend against determined and highly capable threats.

It is expected that the new tiers will improve productivity, security and working practices and reduce costs.

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